General Business English

General business English courses focus on a wide range of business
functions working on skills such as speaking, listening comprehension,
reading and writing. kmp. offers general business English courses at all
levels. The course programme includes work- and job-related content
such as telephoning, writing emails, presentations, small talk and business
grammar etc.
According to the language level a well-structured course book can be used
to teach this language content. Our pedagogical experts are constantly up
to date with the numerous publications available for teaching business
English and can therefore guarantee that the most suitable course
materials are always employed in all of our business English courses.
Client-specific and industry-specific language content in English can
always be addressed in all kmp. business English courses. For this
purpose the use of realia is especially effective. According to your
language needs realia from the workplace (specialist literature, company
brochures, product descriptions and correspondence etc.) can be
incorporated into the lessons. The preparation of realia for language
training on the part of the trainer is included in the course fees.
In addition to this, current projects and documentation can be discussed in the
lessons. In this way important business situations coming up in the future
involving English can be effectively prepared and assimilated.
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