TeleCoaching — Individual Training via telephone and email

TeleCoaching consolidates the two training forms of telephone coaching and email coaching into one training concept. The relevant course contents are based upon the language needs and level of the participant and complement each other respectively.
Training sessions are possible throughout the week (also at the weekend) between 06.30 am and 10.00 pm. The participant calls the trainer at a pre-arranged time. Following each telephone appointment the trainer prepares a written summary of the lesson in the form of individual lesson feedback and emails this to the participant.
Some of the advantages of telecoaching are:

  • high degree of flexibility with lesson planning
  • telephone appointments independent of location
  • high level of concentration and learning focus on the telephone
  • high frequency of lessons possible
  • spontaneous visualisation using email and/or the internet

This form of training is especially suited to managers, salespeople or technicians who spend a large amount of time outside the company or for employees who often need to speak on the telephone or write emails in the target language.
TeleCoaching can be offered to a group of participants simultaneously in the modified form of a WebClassroom.

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