Certified courses – courses with an internationally recognised qualification

TOEIC® Test of English for International Communication
The TOEIC test is an internationally recognised standard for business-related English. Every year over 5 million test candidates take the TOEIC test in order to determine their level and skills in English on an internationally-recognised scale.
TOEIC is an instrument designed to objectively evaluate one’s knowledge of English. It can determine how effectively non-native speakers of English can communicate in an
international business environment. TOEIC is based upon the Common European Framework (CEF).
TOEIC is used by over 5,000 companies in the context of employee recruitment procedures and training measures.
kmp. is an officially certified test centre for TOEIC preparation courses and for hosting the examination itself. Similar to other kmp. courses, TOEIC courses can take place on location in your company, administered by kmp. TOEIC test proctors.  
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Cambridge ESOL Examinations
The Cambridge examinations are developed by the ESOL examinations department of Cambridge University. Every year over 3 million candidates in 130 countries take the Cambridge ESOL examinations. The Cambridge ESOL examinations are well-known throughout the world and recognised by schools and companies as proof of tested and certified English skills.
Certified examinations are offered at levels A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2 on the CEF scale.

If you wish to take a Cambridge exam for Business English, we can offer you preparatory courses for the Cambridge BEC exams. BEC stands for Business English Certificate. The Cambridge BEC exams can be taken at levels B1 (Business Preliminary), B2 (Business Vantage) and C1 (Business Higher).

kmp. has been preparing candidates successfully for Cambridge ESOL examinations since 1998.
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Further Language Certificates

We would be happy to advise you on examination preparation courses such as IHK courses or LCCI courses, as well as certified courses in other languages.