WebClassroom — Online lessons

WebClass is an ideal course form for both one-to-one and group lessons. It offers your employees in different locations in Germany or around the world live and real time language training through video and web conferencing. The participants are taught by a highly-qualified and experienced trainer and are able to achieve significant training synergies through the implementation of up-to-date web conferencing technology.


The training concept is designed to be interactive and communicative. Depending upon starting level and language goals, the range of training content can extend from learning the basics of the language to analysing case studies and preparing for complex teleconferences and presentations in the target language. In addition language skills required in all business sectors such as presenting, negotiating or emailing can be integrated into this form of training.
In order to guarantee both interactive and intensive learning processes, all participants are able to contact their trainer via text chat and are able to integrate their working documents, PDF files and audio/visual files into the webclass lessons.
MS Teams, Zoom, WebEx or other preferred video conferencing software can all be used as a learning platform for this form of training.

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