Individual and Group Courses

Individual lessons make it possible to maximize the level of personalised content and methodology. The trainer can react efficiently to learner needs and learner profile. Individual training also creates an opportunity for maximum student speaking time. Individual training also means optimal learning efficiency. Appointments and lesson times can be arranged flexibly. 

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Group courses allow a high degree of interactive and co-operative learning. They offer an ideal environment for role play situations, discussions, group work and pair work. A number of required skills such as presenting or taking part in telephone conferences can be effectively simulated and trained in group courses. A group can consist of 2-3 participants (mini-group) or more — for pedagogical reasons we recommend a maximum group size of 6-8 participants. Homogenous groups should be formed in consideration of the participants’ needs and current language levels. Differences of more than 2 kmp. levels on the kmp. levels chart within any one learner group should be avoided.

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