Training Management

For kmp. training management implies the planning, organisation and implementation of language courses as well as quality assurance in all processes.
A sense of quality awareness and clearly-defined standards in all processes are essential pillars of our company philosophy.
kmp.’s quality management system together with our quality and progress evaluation procedures are DIN EN ISO 9001-certified. 

Client Advisory Services
Client Advisory Services
  • one main account manager for every client (applies to local, national or international training programmes)
  • current project status and needs evaluation
  • development of company-wide consolidated training concepts
  • development of needs-related training content
  • agreement on course types and learning path
Participants Co-ordination and Support
Participants Co-ordination and Support
  • processing of participant course registrations and enquiries
  • individual advisory services for participants prior to and during the course
  • individual analysis of learner types
  • oral test
  • written test
  • participant needs analysis
  • information on lesson times and location
  • self-study tips and language learning guidelines
  • dynamic adaptation of learning path
Course Logistics
Course Logistics
  • test evaluation (group error diagnosis)
  • evaluation of needs analyses (group needs profile)
  • grouping of participants by language level
  • planning, development and delivery of course materials
  • trainer allocation for courses and trainer briefing
  • administration of trainer reporting systems
  • administration of course bookings
Course Design
Course Design
  • definition of language goals
  • methodology and learning mode differentiation
  • curriculum design
  • finetuning the course structure to meet individual and group needs
  • working with client-specific realia in the target language
  • monitoring learning transfer
  • course content reports
  • attendance lists and attendance statistics
  • course feedback
    (initial feedback evaluation implementation follow-up feedback)
  • progress checks
  • lesson observation reports
  • project quality groups
Data Management and Evaluation
Data Management and Evaluation
  • tailoring of course and content data to clients’ HR software
  • time and cost calculation for achieving language goals
  • target value projections with client-specific budget allocation
  • tabular and graphic evaluation of standard data
  • calculation of current and projected levels on the kmp./CEF levels scale